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Adult Weight Loss
The solution for realistic and sustainable weight loss requires a holistic approach. By combining habit building strategies, strength training, cardio and proper nutrition, I help people find a path to making their goals possible.
Race Prep 5k-Marathon
As a UESCA certified running coach I help everyday people make it to the finish line by providing evidence-based training programs and support from begging to end.
Functional Fitness
Improve strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, and mobility with evidence based training methods. I offer training in both private training and small group classes.
Personal Training
$360/8 session package
$480/12 session package
*Packages include nutrition plan and solo cardio workouts

Group Training

$180/20 classes
*20 class package includes nutrition plan and solo cardio workouts

Race Prep
*Includes weekly coaching call, nutrition plan, and run specific strength workouts
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